London Traffic Congestion Charging

London traffic congestion chargingcharges

London Traffic Congestion Charge Sign

London traffic congestion charging started on 17th February 2003. London is the only city in Europe where there is a charge to drive in the city centre.

Of course there are exemptions from the charge. If you receive 100% of the mobility allowance in the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and you are a Blue Badge holder then you qualify for a 100 per cent congestion charge exemption.

London Traffic Congestion Charging

Otherwise you must register with Transport for London and pay the charge. Do this before or on the day of driving into the Congestion Zone.

Just in case you didn’t know the London tube system is not wheelchair friendly. Even in the West End and the City it is not good and very patchy else where. London buses require a good geographical knowledge and London black cabs are expensive. You could use an Uber taxi. The final price for the taxi ride depends upon demand it can increase during the journey, so be careful.

The congestion charge is often waived over the Christmas holiday period but we also want to go up there at other times of the year.


Transport for London (TfL) will need details about your Blue Badge. You must supply the  number plate of the car that is to be exempt from the charge. You need to register every year for the exemption certificate for London congestion charges. Do not panic, a reminder is sent to you for renewal.

Transport for London website

For full information on London congestion charge discounts and exemptions visit the London travel information website. On this website you can plan how to travel around London. There is even information for routes using the Underground using stations that are step free.

There is information on buses and other ways to travel around London. The website is essential for anyone not familiar with London and the transport network. For example did you know that almost any wheelchair will fit into a black cab and the cab driver will help.

Check Disabled Parking Regulations

In central London the rules and regulations for disabled parking spaces may well be different from those elsewhere. It is essential that you check these carefully. Don’t avoid the congestion charge and then get a parking ticket. That would be very stupid.

11 responses to “London Traffic Congestion Charging”

  1. Rita dono says:

    I have high mobility my son come to see me can I get exception for him

  2. Rita dono says:

    I have disabled and get hightmobility but my son drives to see see me can he get exception on my behalf

    • Hello Rita,

      Sorry this reply is late. I have been moving house and had lots of other problems on my mins and the website slipped to the end of he queue. Exceptions for congestion charge, QE II on M25 etc are based on car number plate but you are the owner of a Blue Badge. I hope that helps

  3. alan Wise says:

    hI my wife has a Blue Badge , pleas I pay the £10.00 to register my vehicle to drive in London , how do I pay vehicle NWO7 ALW
    The vehicle is 2015 reg and it is low emission I pay £39.oo per years please can you advise if I need to pay ant emission charge when I take my wife to hospital in London

    • Hello,

      I don’t know anything about the emission charge at the moment, I suggest you Google it. I will investigate it myself, I believe it is quite a new idea.

  4. Elizabeth O’Keefe says:

    Please send me a renewal form for the London Congestion charge. I am registered Disabled and in possession of a Blue Badge I have a new Car.

  5. Barbara Roscoe says:

    I’m registered with you for LD51YMC
    Barbara Roscoe flat 3-107 Keymer road Hassocks BN6 8QL. Thank you

    • Barbara Roscoe says:

      Navy Blue Mercedes Estate E 220 Reg: KY15UTU
      Need to add above second car to my disabled badge for LD51YMC
      Silver mini one? As going to London this week in KY15UTU please acknowledge permission Thank you Barbara Roscoe Flat 3-107 Keymer road Hassocks West Sussex BN6 8QL 07412212712 thank you Barbara Roscoe

    • I am not reposible for London Congestion Charge, you have wrong email address

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