Multiple sclerosis is a vile disease

Multiple sclerosis is a vile disease

Too many people with MS use a wheelchair

MS smothers you, wraps you up in its tentacles and replaces energy with fatigue. I can no longer do things that other people take completely for granted. Even worse there is nothing predictable about it except it just gets worse and worse and worse. It can even lurk in the body for years before its detected. Multiple sclerosis is a vile disease.

The gradual changes to my body

There was never any sudden and dramatic change in my life. I was diagnosed in 1995 but I think the origins go back to 1972. My real problems did not begin until about 2000, several years after my diagnosis. Then it was the very occasional face plant into a pavement. Next I could not walk in a straight line despite being stone cold sober. Then it was my balance. Now I cannot do any physical exercise. I cannot even sweep the floor without fear of falling over.

Multiple sclerosis is a vile disease

Nobody ever told me about the possible physical changes to my life. If they had then I would have ignored them. Slowly my disability marches on. Right now in 2016 my left hand is being targeted. I am only aware of the changes if I look back at my ability a year ago. Its a bit like the melting of the polar ice cap.

Now I cannot walk unaided

I can distinctly remember the moment in 2004 when I realized I could no longer run. I tried to run across a road to pop into an off licence but all I could do was a walk, I was shocked. Even then I did not appreciate how multiple sclerosis would completely change my life. Walking with one stick does not happen anymore 🙁 ; I fall over as soon as I try to take a step.

Serious exercise

This might be walking 400 or 500 metres with my rollator. That short distance takes me over 30 minutes. When I get back home after the walk I have to rest for a while. I never break into a sweat instead my foot drop becomes very obvious and my thigh muscles protest and ache.

Another hurdle

Now I’ve got double vision all the time so I can’t drive; it was the reason my diagnosis. Sadly it is too serious for any optician to overcome with prisms Have you ever tried to compose a text on your mobile using only one eye or maybe pour yourself a glass of wine but do make sure the kitchen paper is handy.

MS must never stop me getting out & about

I always enjoy life especially physical exercise. Walking, gardening and sports at school such as rugby and running were all very therapeutic. Now the exercise is much less strenuous; so very different it does not get me any fitter or slimmer. I hope this disease will never prevent me getting out and about.

Getting out stops me thinking of the obnoxious unpleasant ever-present octopus and it certainly makes me feel so much healthier happier and pleased to be alive. Long may it last.

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March 2019

4 responses to “Multiple sclerosis is a vile disease”

  1. Sheila Hardwick says:

    Hey Pat,
    I read your experiences with much sadness. Would never have believed, when we met in 1973, that this was already beginning to happen. But over the past 45 years, despite all that MS has stolen from your life, you are still the same, amazing person who was such a good friend to me at Aberdeen Uni. I am always amazed by your bravery, your acceptance and your determination to problem-solve and get on with it, in the face of new challenges.

    As I have mentioned, I care for a lady in NZ who has just progressed to stage 2. She, too has a positive and accepting approach, which makes it possible for us to help her live alone and care for her two young daughters on alternate weeks. Last Saturday, this amazing lady did a skydive and I watched the video of her flying through the sky, completely absorbed and happy.

    Just wanted to wish you all the best – as I know you help and give hope and support to many, with your blog. Keep up the good work.

    Love, Sheila x

    • Hello Sheila,

      Being positive with the disease is the only way to cope. At times my life can be a bit tricky especially as mobility deteriorates but I’ve just got to keep a smile on my face, find new ways to cope and keep on buggering along.

      1973 – 1976, Aberdeen and university was a long time ago but I really enjoyed those carefree days. Since then the time has really flown past.

      Keep on reading the posts, I try to do a blog each week. Did you read about my visit to Australia? Type Australia into the search box TRH corner ands read first 3 or 4 blogs that come up. Did not have time to get over to NZ, Australia is a big country just in case you did not know 🙂

      Love to all in NZ


  2. Eileen Brunst says:

    Hello Patrick. Just read your explanation of your personal experience of MS and your joy of what you can do. Nothing victimy about it just ‘how it is’. Made me say to myself this morning “come on yes my knee hurts, take the dog out for a poodle”. Warm fuzzies. Eileen

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