Second infusion

2nd visit for ASCEND trial

2nd visit for ASCEND trial

Today I went the Royal London hospital and had my second infusion. There was not a lot to report since my first infusion. I have not noticed any difference in the last 4 weeks except that my double vision has got worse.

This time there was just one test. I was shown a list of 10 different characters and each one had a value between zero and nine. The test was a list of the characters in random order and in a fixed time you had to tell the examining doctor what the value was for each character. You had to do as many as possible.

After the test I had the infusion. An infusion is very simple; I am hooked up to a drip and the concoction is slowly added to my blood stream. The whole process takes about 75 minutes.

The only really interesting thing from today was talking about the effect of taking prescribed tranqillisers for too long. There is a big report in today’s Times about this. Apparently they should not be taken for more than about 6 weeks Some people are being prescribed them for months or years with the result they develop an addiction. I take one tablet, 0.5 mg, of Clonazepam each night and she said it was nothing to worry about.

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