Toilet Frame with Adjustable Height and Width

Toilet Frame with Adjustable Height and Width

A toilet frame

There time may well come when a Toilet Frame with Adjustable Height and Width is very helpful when you need to sit down or get up from the loo. Be as independent as possible. This toilet frame is designed to give you that independence. It will make life just that little bit easier even if you have a bad sense of balance. It is fully adjustable for both width and height.


Toilet Frame with Adjustable Height and Width

Toilet Frame with Adjustable Height and Width

It is sturdy and robust. It is made from a tubular steel frame and coated with a tough white polymer that is does not stain. Helthcare professionals have helped to design it. 

It is sturdy and robust, the qualities you are looking for when buying a toilet frame. An added bonus, it does not need to be assembled, it comes ready for use

Improve your quality of life

Do you have poor mobility or bad balance? Then you may well need support to help you sit down on a toilet or get up from a toilet. This toilet frame will be a great asset.

This toilet frame is easy to dismantle for storage or to take with you when you are going away on holiday or visiting someone else. It is these little things can affect whether or not you feel confident enough to go away from home.

If you finding it difficult to get up from a toilet then maybe the time has come to buy a Toilet Frame. This one is adjustable for both height and width

Customer comments

  • When the product arrived it came fully assembled.
  • I chose this frame for its adjustability – both height & width wise. Also it’s really useful that it pulls apart into 2 separate pieces so that it’s easier to transport in a car.
  •  Fully and easily adjustable for height and width, lightweight but sturdy and stable, and has proved a great success. If you need one of these, look no further – this is ideal.

Now is the time to buy a Toilet Frame

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