A Healthy Life

Everyone says how important it is to stay healthy. Do I hear you say ‘How can I be healthy when I’ve got a disability?’

A healthy life needs good food

A healthy life needs good food

Disabled does not mean unhealthy

As a general rule, if you lead a healthy life then you are looking after yourself and your disability at the same time.  Here are some of the things that promote a healthy life.

  • Regular meal times
  • A balanced diet
  • Getting outside
  • Meeting people

Unhealthy things we do

  • Eat too many biscuits or packets of crisps
  • Eat ready-cooked meals bought from the supermarket
  • Eat deep-fried food
  • Too much salt and white sugar in our diet
  • Take the car rather than walk
  • Go to bed at wildly different times?

A start

Did I hear you say ‘Yes’ at least twice to #’Unhealthhy’? Oh dear. I’m no guardian angel either. We  need to modify our habits, change the way we live. Freshly cooked food is a good start combined with a regular sleeping pattern.


Crisps, junk food

No more zero calorie food

Crisps are bad news because of all the salt and precooked meals tend to have a lot of sugar as well as salt. Its a good idea to eliminate the food with empty calories. Its something that fills you up, gives you a sugar kick but does not have any lasting goodness.

The building blocks for our body include proteins, vitamins and trace elements.  Polyunsaturated fats are good news. Use fresh food whenever possible. Other good things to eat include nuts, whole grain bread, seeds and brown rice. Try to turn one meal a day into a social event

Put a routine into your life

I try to take regular exercise but it is a struggle. I always say to myself, it has so many benefits, it makes me feel better, helps to manage my stress, keeps me supple and keeps the bones strong.

I am full of good intentions but when push comes to shove I can a broken reed. The excuse I cling onto is that the weather in the winter of 2014 has been terrible. Every day its been cold, wet windy and grey.


Taking steps to be healthier will help you as well as me to be both physically and mentally stronger, believe me it does work. Good diet, and a regular exercise regime helps me to cope with my MS problems. get over setbacks. Equally important, this lifestyle makes it a lot easier to get over setbacks and problems that occur in my life.

I suspect you have heard all of this before and the chances are that you have ignored it. Once you are in the habit of a healthy life everything slots into place.  It is worth the effort.

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