Digging up weeds should be an easy job

Digging up weeds should be an easy task

This makes digging up weeds easy

Use a Fiskars Weed Puller and now digging up weeds should be an easy job. Lets be honest, bending down to dig up weeds is not enjoyable gardening. Now you can do it while standing up. This must be a better solution. Could it be called fun gardening?

As we all know weeds just appear out of nowhere. Blink and your lawn and your flower beds are full of them. This tool makes it  easy to pull up the weeds and it is comfortable to use.

Digging up weeds should be an easy job

Dig up dandelions and it is so easy to leave some root behind in the ground.  They will reappear in next to no time. Doing it with a trowel and there is no way you can avoid getting a stiff and sore back?

A very good solution is the Fiskars Weed Puller. It removes weeds in three easy moves.

So easy to use

  1. Step – position the weed puller above the weed and then stand on the step
  2. Pull – push the handle towards the ground and lever the weed out of the ground
  3. Eject – the weed is out of the ground, now put it into a waste bucket

Fun as well

Its deep reaching stainless steel jaws grab the root from multiple directions. A long shaft means pulling up the weed is easy. There is no need for any digging or bending, so reducing strain on the body. Weeding suddenly becomes an easy task, The Friskars weed puller must be good value for money.

Look at the video


OK maybe not such a great idea if your balance is not perfect. I would ask a friend round to help. It really is easy and fun to use. When was the last time weeding filled either of those criteria?


  • Deep-reaching stainless steel claws grab the root from multiple directions
  • Leverage point from the ground level
  • Ejection system helps to release weed after pulling it out of the ground
  • Removes weeds without the use of chemicals
  • Comfortable working posture, no digging required

Buy a Fiskars Weed Puller now

Customer comments

  • It works better than I could have imagined
  • Really pleased with this lightweight tool
  • This weed puller has got to be the lightest of its kind on the market
  • Makes pulling dandelions and many other weeds much easier than the standard hand-held weeder

Other ideas

Another item that helps to avoid a stiff and sore back is the garden seat and kneeler. It is very practical and useful

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