MSitis and the story of the forgotten catheters

MSitis and the story of the forgotten catheters

MSitis and the forgotten catheters

Saturday 7 January 2017 and five of us go up to London to see The Dresser, a play starring Tom Stott and Reece Shearsmith showing at The Duke of York theatre. It was a great production, loved it but not so keen on the disabled loo in the theatre. Horribly cramped, in fact not enough space to swing a hamster.

Afterwards we go for a meal.

After the main course I needed to go to the loo and have another wee. Got into the loo. Looked in my Man Bag but no catheters. 🙁

Disaster! Help!

I phoned The Wife and asked her to bring them through from the Trike (that’s what we call the mobility scooter). Where else could they possibly be. The phone call went straight to answer phone. Same with friend 1. Luckily friend 2 had remembered to turn his phone back on and he relays the message to The Wife.

30 seconds later I’m told, “They aren’t in your Trike”.

MSitis and the story of the forgotten catheters

MSitis and the story of the forgotten catheters

I need to rmemeber to remember

“Bloody hell! I must have left them in the disabled loo in the theatre”. I’m busting for a pee but nothing is happening. At least I had another large underwear pad that would make things a bit better. Stop the wet mark in the crutch of my jeans, phew!

I return to the table

My friends understand the problem. I now have to get home prontoish and retain my dignity. I was not desperate nonetheless I wanted a wee. Wine with the meal had increased the feeling of urgency but the bladder was not full. At least the trains from Euston are fairly frequent and its only a thirty to forty minute journey.

First priority was finish the meal

The food was really good and I wasn’t going to waste it. Now its time to cut and run. A fifteen minute trike ride to Euston. Now it was a twenty five minute wait for the next traiin. A fast train back to Berko so only 30 minutes then an 8 minute trike ride back home.

Into the loo and catheterise

Tremendous feeling of relief at being able to empty my bladder.

MSitis had struck again

So I had left the catheters in the loo at the theatre. Memo to self, next time use a brighter bag to store them in and remember to pick them up. On the other hand if it had been a decent size disabled loo I would not have forgotten them in the first place.

Good play, excellent meal but unlucky with the catheters. Another memorable to London even if its not for  all the right reasons.

January 2017

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