Multiple Sclerosis Specialist Advice

Multiple Sclerosis Specialist Advice

Use a specialist for advice on MS

I have been following blogs and visiting MS forums recently. Yup these have all been MS related, no surprises there. There was one startling conclusion that I have come to. People seem happy to live with their problems and reluctant to talk to MS specialists. MS sufferers need to find someone who can give Multiple Sclerosis Speialist Advice – click and these might help.

Multiple Sclerosis Specialist Advice

I have read about several people who have had bladder problems. One of them needs to go to the loo every couple of hours day and night. What is more, this person is reluctant go out just in case they are caught short. There was another case where someone was compalaining that the advice from their GP was not very good.

Why don’t they seek specialist advice?

MS is an ‘orrible disease. It can affect you in so many different ways. It is a disease that needs speciaists from many different areas. What ever part of the body is awry then the consultant must be sympathetic with the problems that come with MS. MS can mess up an awful lot of the body.

Why do people persist in asking their GP for the best drug available to help with an MS problem? The GP probably knows very little about MS.

OK an appointment with the GP takes only a few days whereas going to see a consultant might take several months just for the appointment. Do you want to get the correct treatment or just a wild guess?

Go to the GP and ask to be referred

See a specialist who can help you. These are people who can give you good advice. They are there to help you.

Don’t expect the GP to know who you need to see. You need to ask the GP to refer you to an MS clinic or an MS Nurse.

So how do you start

I would suggest you start with a Google search. So type in “Multiple Sclerosis Specialist Advise” You can add the name of a city close to where you live. Hopefully Goolge will then list some help. Over to you

Now you have a chamce of receiving help from someone who understands your problems.

MS is a multi-disciplinary disease

You need to see someone who really understands MS and the problems that go with MS.

Good luck and don’t take NO for an answer

April 2016

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