My amazing Travelscoot and true independence

My amazing Travelscoot and true independence

Me on my Travelscoot

Guest post written by Abgail Budd. 

I finally accepted my need for wheels in 2014, six years after my diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. I’d been spending time with local people who also suffer from MS. I had struggled with 2 walking sticks but I would miss out on so much due to sheer exhaustion and fatigue.

A new opportunity

I hadn’t realised a mobility scooter was an option till I met people, like me, who couldn’t live without one. I hated using a wheelchair. People would stare at me or ignore me completely, preferring to talk to whoever was pushing and this challenged my self-worth and value.

I researched light-weight scooters and took a punt on the Travelscoot. I hadn’t heard of it but loved the website and all the positive reviews and testimonials so paid the money hoped for the best.

My amazing Travelscoot and true independence

It arrived the day before my birthday in 2014 and I was delighted! My husband fitted it all together and we went for a long walk the next day to test it out. I remember the sheer joy of feeling the wind in my face and no walking sticks.

It’s so lightweight that my 11-year-old son and 70-year-old mum can easily lift it in and out of my car. I‘ve got a VW Golf, using a mini-hoist so I can get it in and out of the car myself. This was important to me because I want to be as independent as possible. Work would be impossible for me unless I returned to the dreaded wheelchair!

The reaction I get when I’m out and about is amazing! The Travelscoot is fun to drive and so many people stop me to ask about it. Even my children can reel off all the facts and figures about it! The smile of joy on my face must make me more approachable when I’m using it

It is so easy to drive and park! It has a small turning circle, so I whizz around my house on it with no problems. It’s not as wide as a wheelchair either so I haven’t had the doorways widened but I have managed to scrape the paintwork on the skirting boards a few times!

What’s not so good

It’s annoying that I have to import it from Germany. This is also inconvenient when you need to send it back for repairs, but they are very helpful once you get through the language barrier! They can send parts if you have anyone who’s handy but otherwise you need to pack it up and send it back.

Beware of turning on a hill too as I‘ve come off a couple of times and landed face first in the road! It’s otherwise pretty sturdy and now I’m used to it I know how to avoid accidents.

The junior version

I’ve just bought a new, junior size Travelscoot designed for smaller people. I’m only 5ft3 and don’t weigh much so the smaller size is perfect for me. It’s even lighter and easier to manoeuvre so I’m really delighted with it.

Travelscoot carried out a full service and repair on my old one within 7 days at a reasonable price so I’m also happy with the customer service.

The big advantage

Now I am not  confined by a wheelchair, instead I am freed by my Travelscoot! I love my Travelscoot.


I work part time in the Criminal Justice system and also write for NewLifeOutlook as well as my own blog I try to be an active member of the MS community, spend time with my husband and 2 children.

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12 responses to “My amazing Travelscoot and true independence”

  1. Larraine HockleyMoore says:

    Hi……I recently bought a very nice Travelscoot……but…….
    it is proving a bit useless for me, I didn’t really appreciate
    that it is really only suitable for folks who will only use it on
    very smooth paved paths ie. towns, shopping malls and airports etc. I like garden visits, dog walks etc. and the travelscoot really struggles on any surface that isn’t bone hard!
    I do not yet have the wider front wheel, but as it is expensive,
    I am not sure it will make enough difference. As there doesn’t
    seem to be anything suitable on the market,
    Iit would be great if Travelscoot could make a few adjustments to their current design to make it more versatile ie. double rear wheel drive, larger wheels to cope with a rougher surface etc etc. As it is I sadly may have to sell it 😢

  2. Pam says:

    Mobility Scooters Plus in the UK have now sold TravelScoots for a few years – we have purchased other heavy duty disability scooters from them & found them to be helpful & give a good price – they will also arrange delivery abroad. I have been promising to get myself a TravelScoot for a while now, as useful to fit in a small car, unlike the big things we have!

    • Hello Pam,

      The TravelScoot really does fit a niche in the mobility scooter market completely. I have looked at other scooters to my mind there is nothing else quite like it. It manages to take so many boxes

  3. Therese says:

    Thank you Patrick. I have more info I’ll be sharing about travelscoot accessories and what it’s like to ride a travelscoot.

    • Hello There,

      Good news. The e-bike has taken off in Europe and Travelscoot might take their eye off the mobility scooter ball. I hope not cos it’s a real life changer. People are always stopping me to find out info about it

  4. Therese says:

    I live in UK and bought my travelscoot junior from Germany. I’ve written about the experience on my blog.

    I struggled deciding whether to buy the full size deluxe model but I’m glad I went for the Junior. I’m 5′ 2″ and it suits me perfectly. I’m very happy with my purchase.

    • Hello Therese,

      I don’t find their website very easy or obvious to use. I think this information will be very helpful. I will put a link to it on my site on the Useful Links page

  5. This could be a great change from my wheelchair, if it’s sold in the US. The problem maybe that it’s made in Germany – like my old Invercare powerchair. Our local dealer won’t repair it, even though they are Invercare agents.

  6. MC Black says:

    It’s really a pity that there is no UK distributor for Travelscoot. I’m VERY tempted to buy the spring seat but the thought of having to order it from overseas and then courier delivery has greatly discouraged me.

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