Non Slip Outdoor Step

Non slip outdoor step

Non slip outdoor step

The Non Slip Outdoor Step is is a practical and clever idea. It instantly reduces the height of a step. The non slip outdoor step is ideal for giving you that little bit of added help when tackling large doorsteps. Its allowing you to take two smaller steps rather than struggling with one large step. All in all it’s ideal for people with limited mobility or poor balance.

Non Slip Outdoor Step

It just makes life that little bit easier. A big step can be a problem for the elderly, those with poor balance or those with a weak leg. Suppose are confronted by a step into your house and you have limited ability to lift a foot and remain steady while stepping up. It is even worse if there is no grab-rail to help you with your balance.

Makes life easier

The large surface area of this step means there’s plenty of room to fully stand on the platform, regain your balance and then stepping again.The basic details are as follows. Height 9.5 cm (3 3/4 inches). Width 39.5 cm (15 1/2 inches). Length 49.5 cm (19 1/2 inches).  There is a non slip rubber mat on the top, if nothing else it makes you feel safer.

It comes with a 2 year warranty and can be kept outdoors throughout the year.

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Some customer comments

  • sturdy and great for anyone one with walking difficulties or hip or knees operations for getting in and out of your doors
  • bought for dad to make it easier to enter the front door
  • it fits the purpose, to make stepping out of my conservatory so much easier

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