Look Forward And Not Look Back

Look forward and not look back

Look forward and be a winner

Are you a person who will look forward and not look back? Do you try to move forward and take on new challenges? Alternatively are you a person who wants to keep hold of the past and not let go of it? Technology is moving forward very quickly but I am not talking about that. I can understand people not wanting to embrace it, especially people born before 1950. That is not the issue.

Look forward and not look back

It is wanting to be a part of the present and the future. When it is said like that it sounds very easy. Is it having the right mental attitude?

Some do say they are progressive people but their life is are shaped by events that have happened in the past. Not the past like yesterday or last month but the past like ten, twenty or even thirty years ago.

Life changing events

Look forward and not look back

Look forward and not look back

Life is shaped by events, for example emigrating or a career change. Sometimes these life changing events might not be successful. It is no good trying to return to a life prior to the life changing event. I think it is important that you put a label on that experience and move on.

Consider what you might be missing by allowing your life to be controlled by historical events. I am not suggesting that important national events should be ignored.

Traumatic events

Everyone has had at least one thing happen to them that has had an enormous emotional impact. A grieving process is only natural; it allows the wounds to heal. Afterwards, when the time is right you must move on.

OK I have multiple sclerosis, both my parents have died and at least one very good friend has died. These events have been traumatic, especially MS which affects me every day.

Do not dwell on misfortune

When the time is right then park misfortune or put it behind you Be positive and smile, this makes it so much easier to create new opportunities.  Someone who is looking back will close down the future opportunities, create obstacles where none exist.

Everyone has a comfort zone. Those who look forward are more positive and more likely to move themselves towards the edge of their comfort zone. This in itself creates new opportunities

As I say

‘Be positive but it can be tricky’. It has been a big help to me.

8 responses to “Look Forward And Not Look Back”

  1. ohn,John Cowburn says:

    Hi Patrick

    Don’t know whether you are a Blues fan, I am and one of my favourite tracks is Van Morrison with John Lee Hooker singing “Don’t Look Back” – watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkP7-BS-lfg&list=PL2JgiSEy6B2i9X56ctz5bCTF7pdpVp8aI&index=9


  2. Judy Epstein says:

    Thanks for that, Patrick!

  3. David says:

    I don’t agree with everything you have said, I’m pre 50s only just.
    I too have lost both parents, father to MND in 69, mother and mother in law within 2 weeks in 94 of cancer, 3 friends and my wife of complications with MS in last 8 years.
    I don’t dwell on the past, but sometimes its good to remember the old times.
    November last year I decided that after 2years of voluntary work with MS society I decided it was now time to do what I wanted, and on my 67th birthday I went sit skiing, it’s opened up a whole new life for me. I have skied in Aviemore Scotland and looking forward to an other big adventure next winter. I still remember the good and bad times I had with my wife, as she used to say seize the day. But everyone to their own way of coping with life.
    Keep on with your blogs

    • Hello David,

      Your wife summed it up when she said ‘Seize the day’. I say grab the opportunity.

      There are people whose life is controlled by an event that happened many years ago and are unable to move forward. It could be MS, a death or something else that stunts their life and often stunts the life of people around them.

      I’m saying that life is what you make it. Hanging onto old events that befell you is not healthy. The process of grieving is necessary so that you can move forward. You have with skiing, I have with the website.

      Good luck with the skiing


      • Hello John

        Yup, I’m a big time blues fan. Seen Van Morrison too many times, miserable old bugger, never does an encore, but he does make great music.

        I’ve never heard that track before. will listwen to it moer carefully tomorrow.

        Ever listened to Taj Mahal? He is something else. Original, listen if you get a chance.

        Talk soon,


        • John Cowburn says:

          Yes, forgotten about him for the last few years, but remember listening to his stuff in the 70’s – Statesboro Blues comes to mind! I’ll now go on Youtube and listen to his music, I’ll then get sidetracked by another blues or other musician and before I know it, 3 – 4 hours will have gone by – happens all the time. Now that is the “Looking Back” I really enjoy.

          I also enjoy looking back for happy memories, I had an idyllic childhood and often spend a few minutes thinking back! Same applies to my mid-twenties, they were very good times for music, travelling and girls!!!

          But I never dwell on any bad times or events, they happened, they’ve gone and bring on the next experience! Having said that, I’m not one for doing things just for the sake of saying “I’ve done it” – skydiving, swimming with sharks, washing elephants – those sort of daft things you see on “100 Things to do before You Die” lists!! they all seem a bit pointless!

          I’m looking and trying things I can become proficient at – watercolour painting, writing books, playing the piano – mostly activities I wouldn’t have done if I hadn’t got MS, as I would still be walking/running up The Fells every free moment, and wouldn’t have time!


          • Hello John,

            I with you on so many things you say. Guess that is why I now run the website. I am learning so many new skills and all because I was medically retired.

            I’m also much happier these days than during the last 3 or 4 years of my working life when SPMS was having a big impact but I was in denial.

            Tallk soon,


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