MS Chilterns move into a new building

There is a wonderful MS therapy centre at Halton, Bucks.

The previous home of the MS Chilerns MS Cenre

The previous home of the MS Chilerns MS Cenre

The previous MS therapy Centre was tucked away amongst houses for service men and their families next to RAF Halton. The building looks dilapidated, it was built out of pre-cast concrete slabs, single story and it has a flat roof. From the outside it looks as if it should have been demolished years ago.

Unique atmosphere

The moment you entered the building there was a very special atmosphere. The centre is dedicated to helping people with multiple sclerosis. Nearly everyone who goes there for treatment needs something to help them get about. Some just need a walking stick, others need a rollator and there are those who are wheel chair bound. This did not matter, everyone was treated equally.

Once you were inside there was a buzz of conversation, patients talking to other patients, physiotherapists talking to patients. As you entered the building there was a table with a selection of home made biscuits, cakes and MS publications. Sometimes jars of honey or marmalade for sale. It was a bit chaotic but that was the charm.

The treatment area was a open-plan space. A few treatment beds, an area for floor exercises and assorted pieces equipment in the corners  It’s one of the very few places where I felt at ease when talking to other people suffering MS.

The new Chiltern's MS Therapy Centre

The new Chiltern’s MS Therapy Centre

New building is ready and opened

For years and years there had been talk about moving to a new, bigger purpose-built centre. The RAF no longer needed the accommodation so the housing area was redeveloped. This made the Chilterns MS Centre look even more dilapidated but the atmosphere remained the same. It was almost like a micro climate, some thing happened to you as you walked in.

A new building was built and it was officially opened at the end of September. I only saw it when it was half built. I am looking forward to seeing it and going inside. Will there still be the same vibrant atmosphere?

The essence of the MS Chilterns organisation is that it is open to anyone with MS. It is not a part of the NHS, it is a charity and totally independent.

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