Have you seen my reading glasses?

Time for another infusion for the ASCEND trial.

This is not the first time I have lost a pair of glasses

This is not the first time I have lost a pair of glasses

It was going to be a long day An early start meant catching a train at into London at about eight in the morning and get back home at about six. As well as the infusion a batch of tests to include various timed walks,9 hole peg test. The whole assessment is called an EDSS test.

I got onto the train at Berkhamsted with all the other commuters bound for London. I managed to get a seat and carefully positioned my mobility scooter so it would not stop people getting on at other stations. Before the train got to Watford it was so crowded it made a sardine tin look spacious.

As the train pulled into Euston I realised that my scooter was going to stop people getting off. I was stressed that someone would take their frustrations out on my scooter. I changed my reading glasses for distance ones, put the reading ones under the seat, they then became forgotten or lost reading glasses.

Still not turned up

I was unaware of the loss until I got to the Royal London hospital in Whitechapel, a 45 minute taxi ride from Euston. I’m writing this 5 days later and they haven’t turned up at Euston lost property. There goes 100 quid on a new set of lenses.Full credit to Barby, she has not moaned about my ineptitude, its becoming a very expensive habit.

The tests

A full EDSS test is done every 3 months. Mobility tests are the time taken to walk 25 feet, 200 metres and distance you can walk in 6 minutes. If you want to know I use a stick and is a timed 6 minute walk, I manage 200 metres – don’t think I’ll enter the London marathon next year.

Other tests include feeling the vibrations of a tuning fork, I can’t feel them on my left foot. Standing with  feet together, no chance. Eyes closed and moving finger to nose is easy but running my left heel down right leg is a non starter Various reflex and strength tests. All a bit subjective.

I’ve now been on the trial for 8 months, undoubtedly my balance has got worse. I really came a cropper in the garden yesterday – lost my balance and fell on the patio in a very untidy heap. Luckily no damage done but dignity seriously dented.

That’s it for another 4 weeks.

1 year later

The glasses never turned up, It was incredibly stupid of me and I will do my best never to do it again. A Man bag is an enormous help

Diagnosing MS this lists the diagnostic tests, quite useful

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