Seven days during the Rio Olympics

Broken Leki stick, another fall/1

Broken Leki stick, result of another fall

There are days when living with MS is really not too bad and there are days when it is awful. There are even days when it can be exciting. This has been a week when I have gone through all of these emotions and more. I even broke my Leki walking stick in a dramatic fall. I’m fine but I must not try to do two things at once. It always ends in a disaster.

Seven days during the Rio Olympics

I’m watching bits of the Olympics on television and find myself being sucked into it. Twenty years ago at Atlanta Britain won a mere 15 medals and only one gold.

Highlight of the week

I’ve been asked to go to a Blogging event for people with multiple sclerosis. I certainly didn’t see that one coming. I’ve no idea what to expect.

A day that left me dead on my feet

I volounteered to help the MS Society with research. I was asked to interview someone in Scotland for a forthcoming article. It should have been a 45 minute video conference call. Short, sharp and too the point, well that was the idea. 2 hours later it was finished. Technical glitches abounded.

I won’t say anything about the interview. Don’t want to ruin the surprise and anyway who says its going to be published?

As soon as the shambolic interview finished I was on a train to London. An appointment in Queens Square with a Uro Neurologist who I hope can resolve my irritating bladder problems. (Click HERE to watch the video) I’m still waking up most nights after 5 hours sleep to have a pee. I need a power nap during the day.

So its going to be diagnostic tests in October then hopefully Botox. Watch this space for progress in the meantime I’m not a happy bunny.

Seven days during the Rio Olympics

4 mg Tizanadine pills

This is insane

I asked my GP to change my prescription for Tizanandin tablets from 2 mg to 4 mg. Sounds easy enough. Did you know that a pack of 2 mg tablets costs £3.50 but the 4mg ones cost £25. I could understand double the price cos its double the dose but 7 times the price?

I enjoy my weekly Pilates class

Pilates definitely stops me falling over quite so frequently. Now its only once a week. Also my stomach would be a so much flabbier and bigger were it not for the workout sessions

So there you have it, some of the things that happened to me with my MS in one week during the 2016 Olympics  in Rio.

August 2016

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