Third infusion

3rd infusion, is it an illusion

3rd infusion, is it an illusion

My third infusion was on 31 October, that was a few days ago. Double vision was troubling me when I went up the previous time, so I went to my optician, he told me to wear my reading glasses more often. Now I have no trouble with the double vision problem when doing work on the computer.

Over the last couple of months my balance and hyper-extension of my left knee have got worse, no doubt about it. These days I have to use my indoor rollator a lot of the time, OK that is a bind but consequently I fall over a lot less. These days I am much more careful to use the rollator, the idea of falling over and breaking a bone really frightens me.

The visit to the hospital was exactly the same as before, simple test where I had to translate codes to numbers. Had the infusion then free to go.

The next one is a long stint, in the hospital all day. Measuring things like timed walk and how far I can walk.

Incidentally I had an appointment with Professor Giavannoni the next day. He is going to refer me for a bone scan, apparently people with MS are likely to have more brittle bones, I think this is because they take less exercise.

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