Wood and Fabric Hand Fan

Swish a Black Wood and Fabric Hand Fan gently in front of your face; it creates a gentle breeze that will make you feel cooler.

Wooden/fabric hand fan

Wooden/fabric hand fan

Elegant solution

Using a Black Wood and Fabric Hand Fan exudes an elegant style so you keep cool while everyone else is getting too hot. I think a folding fan is an excellent solution to the problem of being too hot. As well as being a bit unusual they could be described as a fashion accessory.

The fan is 23 cm diameter when extended. When open it is very good fan and you can create a breeze with minimal effort. It isn’t so big that it won’t fit into the bottom of a bag when it’s folded up.

They are a wide range of colours as you can see when you click here.

What some customers say

  • Works well and cools you down quickly
  • It is a really useful fan and fits into my satchel
  • Looks great in photos

Something else

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A bit of history

Any broad, flat surface waved back-and-forth will create a small airflow and therefore can be considered a rudimentary fan. Archaeological ruins and ancient texts show that the hand fan was used in ancient Greece at least since the 4th century BC. Christian Europe’s earliest fan was a ceremonial fan), which dates to the 6th century. In the 17th century the folding fan, introduced from East Asia, became popular in Europe. The folding fan was introduced to Europe in the 17th Century.

Did you know

Women in the XIX and early XX century were to be seen and not heard so they communicated using with their fan. As a result there was the language of the hand fan.

Much more detailed information on the history of the fan can be found here.


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