Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centres

What is so special?



There are about 50 centres in the UK that provide specialist treatment for multiple sclerosis sufferers. They are independent of the NHS although they do work closely together. Multiple sclerosis therapy centres offer many different treatments such as physiotherapy, yoga, massage, aromatherapy, speech therapy as well as advice on various topics. The aim is to improve the health and well being of people with multiple sclerosis.

Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centres

What is so wonderful about these places? You can make appointments for as often as is feasible. The cetres treat you as an individual and give as much time as you need. For example the NHS will refer you to a physiotherapist for 6 sessions then discharge you. Obviously the NHS must work this way otherwise it would become totally clogged up.

Create  a sociable atmosphere

You have the opportunity to meet other people with the same illness, this immediately breaks down barriers. You meet people from different towns or villages who you would not otherwise come across.  Conversation become easier because you are all there for the same reason. There is a tremendous community spirit, the physiotherapists, people who work there and the volunteers want to see an atmosphere with no barriers.

These centres provide  a “one-stop shop” for patients

The patients vary from those who use a wheelchair and have a carer through to those dp not have an obvious disablility but they suffer from multiple sclerosis. The mission of these centres is very straight forward, It is to create  a sociable atmosphere and offer an opportunity for people with multiple sclerosis to help themselves.

Chiltern MS Therapy Centre logo

Chiltern MS Therapy Centre logo

Many people do not know that these centres exist

These centres provide  a “one-stop shop” for patients who would otherwise need to make appointments with several different professionals. These skilled people, are almost bound to be in several different locations, but necessary to treat the wide ranging issues that their condition may present. These centres have a relationship with the NHS and other agencies and refer into their services when required.

These centres are charities and need to raise funds to provide the services. There are numerous fund raising activities and the centres always need volunteers. I visit the Chilterns MS Centre and although there is no charge for any service everyone invariably leaves a contribution for the treatment they will to receive.

Many people do not know that these centres exist or the services that they provide. the website Multiple Sclerosis National Therapy Centres has a map showing the therapy centres in the UK

MSNTC exists solely to support the continuing development of member Centres using the power of collective action. It is created by the member Centres. It is directed by them and partially funded by them.

If you have not visited a centre near your home and you suffer from a progressive disease such as Parkinson’s or multiple sclerosis then I would urge you to contact them straight away.

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