Zinger battery powered lightweight wheelchair

Zinger battery powered lightweight wheelchair

Zinger battery powered lightweight wheelchair

The Zinger battery powered lightweight wheelchair is fun to use.  It’s small nippy and a new concept. It can be used both indoors and outside The Zinger is comfortable and it’s manoeuvrable; it can literally turn on a sixpence piece. The armrests on a zinger are optional. The basic model has no handle bar so you can use it like an ordinary chair and pull it under the desk or table to work or eat. It looks like the answer for people who have a ‘chuck it in the boot’ mentality for disability equipment.

Zinger battery powered lightweight wheelchair

It does not look like a typical disabled person’s wheelchair. It only weighs 17.5 Kg (38 Lb) and this includes the lithium Ion battery. The dimensions when it’s open are 78.5cm long, 64.5cm wide x 93.5cm high(31″ x 25″ x 37″). It is narrow enough to pass through all but the narrowest of doors. Most doors are 83.5 cm (33”) wide. The Zinger wheelchair is made of aluminium so it is light and strong.

Manoeuvrable motor powered wheelchair

You control it with two simple joysticks, one on each side of the chair: pull up to stop or turn/ push down to go. All well and good but you do need to have good upper body strength and full control of your arms. The wheels are not large, especially the front wheels. Some dropped kerbs do have a 1cm drop, alright to go down but not so easy to go up.

Lithium Ion battery

The rechargeable battery is simple to remove. You have the option to recharge it in position on the chair if you wish. A full charge takes three and a half hours and, once charged, the Zinger can zip about for up to 8 miles. The distance will depend upon the terrain and weight of the user. The maximum weight of the user is 120kg (17st 12lbs).

Zinger battery powered lightweight wheelchair

Folded Zinger battery powered lightweight wheelchair

Folds up easily

The wheelchair can be folded up and put into the boot of a car or carried onto a train. It folds up like one of those chairs you use at a BBQ. The dimensions when folded are (L x W x H): 95.5cm x 64.5cm x 25cm (38″ x 25″ x 10″).


Like all lightweight disability devices with small wheels it will not go off-piste unless the ground is hard and flat. So pavements, shopping malls and garden parties in the summer are good to go. Wet lawns, gravel drives and muddy puddles are definitely no-go areas.


The compact design and its simple folding mechanism makes this electric wheelchair truly portable and easy to transport in the boot of an average sized car.

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21 responses to “Zinger battery powered lightweight wheelchair”

  1. The Zinger wheelchair can be bought in the UK. Here are the details
    Company: Proactive Mobility
    Silverstone House, Kineton Road, Gaydon, Warwickshire, CV35 OHB
    Contact: Mark Green
    0330 555 5225
    Email: [email protected]

  2. Susan anderson says:

    I am looking for a zinger

    • Hello Susan,

      At a quick glance it is available only in the USA. If you go to the website https://www.zingerchair.com you will see what I mean. A quick check on Google is not a lot of help.

      I’m sure it used to be sold in the UK but it is a while since I last looked into availability details.

  3. WENDY P HEATH says:

    do you have reconditioned/used models the price is out of my reack U tube said the start at $1500

  4. Sarah says:

    If anything goes wrong with the chair its very expensive to get repaired so be warned. I have to replace the battery and charger for £420 Without vat. With vat is £504. So think before you buy. Also they only repair these in the north of England not south. Wish now I’d brought a chair locally as costing a bomb and lots of stress

    • Hello Sarah,

      I have never owned a Zinger, my weapon of destruction is a Travelscoot. There are so many factors to consider when buying a mobility aid such as a scooter or wheelchair. The most important is to talk to existing users and discuss such aspects as ease of repair, servicing, cost and availability of knowledgeable agents.

      Does anyone else use a Zinger and have comments to make

  5. Hello Harald,

    Go on then, give me some questions

  6. Harald maschina says:

    The zinger is made in taywan and the quallaty is excellent i have one very happy interesting it has no gearbox it works on a very simple principle hope it is right and lasting problem no proper dealer ship in Australia for service does enybody know ?

    • Hello,

      Not too sure if this will help. Try typing “zinger wheelchair AND australia” into a search engine such as Google chrome and look at the results.

  7. Hello,

    I have never owned or tried a Zinger but they do look quite impressive. My best advice would be to Google it using ‘zinger electric wheelchair’

    Hope that helps

  8. What does the zinger cost

  9. John Cowburn says:

    Hi Patrick, I tried the Zinger at home and tested it directly against the Foldawheel (which I purchased). The main thing about the Zinger which I didn’t like, was that it made you feel a bit exposed as your hands and arms are down at your sides operating the controls. In most other ways the Zinger and Foldawheel were very similar – weight, manoeuvrability, portability, ability to use up to and under a table or desk, battery life and cost (though the Foldawheel was a bit cheaper), quality of engineering and construction. I didn’t feel that the Zinger was as intuitive to control as the Foldawheel. I used them both at my home on the same surfaces and for the same length of time, so it was a good test.


    • Hello John,

      Interesting. I had not thought about the idea that the arms-rests provide a feeling of protection and feeling uncomfortable because your arms are down at your sides. I can fully understand the arm rests providing a bit more stability and security.

      I hope to provide a bit more informationn about the Zinger in June



  10. Keith George says:

    Are you happy with the Zinger? It is quite expensive and I would like some feedback from another person with MS. Does it have a tortoise/hare speed?

    • Hello,
      I don’t own a Zinger’ Looked interesting so I reviewed it. One person I know tried one out and said the lack of arm rests made him feel a bit unsafe, Therre is going to be a demo for the Matford MS group in early June. Sadly I cannot attend but I will try to get someone there to give me some feedback and publish it because there has been quite a lot of interest in the article.

      Watch this space, take up a subscribtion, ig you haven’t already because hopefully, it will be in my weekly blogs

  11. Georgina Hay says:

    Is this manufactured in China?

  12. Keith George says:

    Is it possible to trial this wheelchair and I would like details of price etc.

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